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The America Endgame Viral Phenomenon!

The America Endgame Viral Phenomenon!

On the 4th night of the never-ending

2020 election, while awaiting the final results, I decided to indulge myself in some angst-editing to ease my weary, 2016-PTSD heart. I pulled an all-nighter and released my America Endgame meme (with no credits or tags 🤦🏽‍♂️) and then tried to go to hour later it had hundreds of thousands of views. By that night it would be retweeted by the likes of LeBron James, Mark Hamill, Jennifer Aniston, Mark Ruffalo... just to name a few. Suffice it to say, I didn’t think it’d get that damn huge, but I’m forever grateful it did, and most importantly, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won. 

      In the weeks afterward, I did what now I can really only describe

as an all-out, worldwide, virtual press tour and interviews by publications like Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter, Vulture, Ad Age, The Hindu and countless others. On my social media pages alone, America Endgame has amassed over 50 million views and counting, and based on all the re-shares I think it's safe to assume it's been viewed hundreds of millions of times around the world. For me this little video was a watershed moment in my filmmaking career and has opened doors. I've linked to most of my favorite media coverage here, which range from interviews to insightfully written articles and podcasts for everything you would ever want to know about my process making the hit meme, and also about my life, filmmaking career and what's next. Enjoy! 

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The Articles

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Brooklyn News 12

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The Tweets

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Podcasts & Livestreams

NerdAF Show

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The Hagir Show

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The Nurse Alice Show

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Director:  Susanna Wolk

Writer & Producer:  Madia Hill Scott

Cinematography: Chris Parente 

Editor:   John Handem Piette

Tensions reach a boiling point when an overbearing mother

visits her postpartum daughter.

International Black Film Festival (2020) - Selection

Festival of Cinema NYC (2020) - Selection 

Indie Short Fest (2020) - Selection

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​'A New Chapter' 2020 Film Festival Premiere dates

  • @john_bean_thedodo

We're Featured In Our Own The Dodo Video

We're Featured In Our Own The Dodo Video

My puppy Bean and I have our very own Dodo video, which now has over 10 million views on Facebook and 2 million on YouTube!

Getting to work at The Dodo as a senior producer & editor for the past 2 years was a huge privilege, and creating content for such a wide audience really honed my storytelling abilities to create

content that resonates across all demographics.

I produced, wrote and edited over 100 videos, each of which tell their own unique, animal-centric stories from all around the globe. Deciding to move on was no easy task, but I'm forever grateful for the opportunity and look forward to pursuing the next phase of my storytelling and filmmaking career.   

I had the pleasure of working with singer/songwriter Jamae, and director Andrea Freeman, and star Johanna Watts  while editing the music video for 'Candle'. The musical film recently premiered at the 9th Annual Lady Filmmakers Festival in Beverly Hills and continues to screen at various festivals around the country. 

​'Candle' Premieres at Lady Filmmakers  Festival 2017

left to right: Lead actress Johanna Watts, writer and Director Andrea SHreeman, Singer/Songwriter Jamae

left to right: Director of Photography Benjamin Kitchens, Lead actor, writer and producer Madia Hill, Editor John Handem Piette

​'Solely' Premieres at LA Shorts Fest


"There were some great shorts featured on opening day and greater ones expected throughout the festival. “Solely” produced and written by Madia Hill, directed by, Anna Nersesyan was one of many fantastic and brilliantly written, produced and directed shorts. “Solely,” presents us with the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words... "

Dalai Mongol wins 'Audience Award for Best Film' and was runner up for 'Best Film' at New Hope Film Festival

Dalai Mongol wins 'Audience Award for Best Film' and was runner up for 'Best Film' at New Hope Film Festival

New Hope Film Festival 2012 ​ -

"An achingly beautiful creation of award-winning musician Levi Chen, whose accomplishments include winning Music Video of the Year at the 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards, Dalai Mongol takes viewers on a dreamlike journey through the enchanted landscapes of Mongolia as a man and woman, on separate spiritual quests, yearn to find themselves and one another..." 

'Power Trip' premieres at Alamo Drafthouse, Austin TX 2009

'Power Trip' premiered to a sold out house at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, August 2009, culminating a 2 year journey. The feature film sci-fi comedy was met with laughs (at the right moments) and cheers as the cast and crew appropriately celebrated the evening on 6th street. The film was a labor of love and also marked the final thesis project at The University of Texas Film School, for writer directors John Handem Piette and Vincent DiDaniele.  Watch it now on Amazon Prime!

'Between The Scenes' behind the scenes special on 'Power Trip' - 2008

'Between the Scenes' web series interview writer/directors John Handem Piette and Vincent Didaniel about their feature film currently in post production seeking finishing funds for a bevy of visual effects and sound design as the film enters its final stages in the march toward completion. 

'Between The Scenes behind the scenes special on 'A Mind Away'

'Between the Scenes' web series interview the cast and crew of student short film 'A Mind Away', a dreamlike existential drama that questions the nature of reality, life and happiness amidst tragedy. 

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