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  I'm a Brooklyn based filmmaker with a love for creating 

compelling, unifying and world changing content. Since before I can remember, I have been enamored with the art of storytelling in its many powerful and enigmatic forms. What began as joke telling on playgrounds and in classrooms, became acting on stage, short story writing and illustrations, animation, then finally cameras and film. My love of storytelling was the only constant in a life where home and roots were ever-changing. From being born in Stockholm, Sweden to growing up in London, Paris, Washington D.C. and Austin, European background and American upbringing were tough to reconcile as a boy just trying to fit in. That life experience would eventually prove itself a true strength, emboldening a unique and nuanced voice, serving to enrich my craft as a filmmaker. I attended film school at the University of Texas where I wrote and directed my first feature film my senior year. Upon graduation, I worked in Austin for 2 years as a freelance editor and Creative Director for a video production company where I shot and edited hundreds of videos ranging from commercials to short documentaries.

  I moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 2009, as you do, where I began working with A-list talent on a plethora of amazing projects including; award winning films, music videos, documentaries, trailers and web series. After a decade in LA, my love of film and storytelling grew exponentially, while still maintaining that innate wonder, creativity and joy I always create with.


 In 2018 I moved to New York city to serve as Senior Producer and Editor at Group Nine Media, where I produced over a hundred animal-centric videos for The Dodo from all over the globe, which have garnered millions of views on almost every social media platform. Now as a member of the WGAe (Writers Guild of America East) I'm currently back to freelancing, as I write and produce my own projects including a feature length documentary, several narrative features and a TV series. 


 Whatever the medium may be, my storytelling focus is always set squarely on poignant yet entertaining, 

diverse and love-infused films.  


John Nabil

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