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Lightning In A Bottle - 2022

Director:  John Handem Piette

Shot by: John Handem Piette and

                 Emerson Boergadine

Editor:  John Handem Piette

Genre:   Documentary Feature

Status:   In post-production

"LIB" is a documentary feature, currently in post production, following my time at the 2016 California festival with a beautiful, insightful, hilarious and very diverse group of millennials. An in-the-moment festival experience, juxtaposed with interviews done amid the 2020 pandemic dystopia, where we recount a euphoric and life- changing experience, how important it was in our growth as human beings, and how critical we feel festivals are for humanity, society and the world at large.

LIB poster.jpg
THE HIGH LIFE - in development
THL teaser poster.jpg

Written by:  John Handem Piette

Created by: John Handem Piette and Brian Nagel

Genre:  Narrative Drama Series

This series centers around new-age nightclub and cannabis farm, Highlife, and its eclectic community and workers lead by rockstar, grower and neo-philosopher, Chevy Lee. Season 1 focuses on Highlife's newest employee, Tom Danner, fresh to LA from Texas, as he gets high and faces life's challenges with Chevy's guidance and mentorship. The 10 episode arc parallels each stage of a cannabis plant's life, the full growth cycle reflects Highlife's fight to stay open amid a DEA investigation aiming to shut it down for good. 

Mangoland - in development

Written by:  John Handem Piette

Genre:   Narrative Drama Feature  

Status:   In development

A bi-racial American man visits West Africa to valuate land inherited from his late mother's will. The trip lasts longer than planned as he unearths truths about his past, forming lifelong bonds with a family he never knew, and learning the true value of the mango land. 


"Mangoland" is in development as I'm actively seeking investors and funding as we enter pre-production in the coming months and the trip to West Africa

The WaNgui Project - 2015

Director:  John Handem Piette and Anna Clark

Editor: John Handem Piette

Genre:  Documentary


WaNgui's mission is to raise awareness for women's rights issues in West Africa using traditional Senegalese dance. Manifested in 2013 by visionary artist Anna Clark, The WaNgui Project is an urban Sabar dance company that brings an artistic approach to human rights awareness.  The WaNgui Project is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.


Watch the documentary here.


Solely - 2013

Director:  Anna Nersesyan & Madia Hill

Screenwriter:  Madia Hill

Editor: John Handem Piette

Genre:  Drama


Following a day in the life of young dancer Lexi, as she is tormented with one of the biggest decisions of her life. Alone with the decision, she falls back on the only thing that gives her comfort and solace. Dance. The film just premiered at LA shorts fest and is currently pending acceptance into many more film festivals around the country. Find out more here!

Watch the film here.


Dalai Mongol - 2012

Directors:  Levi Chen

Editor:  John Handem Piette

Genre:  Musical/Experimental


Award winning film 'Dalai Mongol' takes viewers on an enchanting journey through the beautiful landscapes of Mongolia as a man and woman, on separate spiritual quests, yearn to find themselves and one another. The film's only dialog comes in the form of musician Levi Chen's serene and majestic notes as well and songs. 'Dalai Mongol's' blend of nature and music narrate an inspiring and timeless tale of faith, triumph and love despite all odds. 
'Dalai Mongol' has racked up over 15 awards from film festivals around the world and will be released alongside Levi Chen's 9th album 'Blissfulfilled'. 


Watch the trailer here.

Power Trip - 2009

Directors:  John Handem Piette, Vincent DiDaniele

Screenwriter:  John Handem Piette

Genre:  Comedy/Sci-Fi


Austin independent film comedy, 'Power Trip', tells the story of college student and aspiring comic book artist Doug McMullen who comes across an alien meteorite which gives him new superpowers everyday. Join Doug and his friends on a wild and hilarious ride in 'Power Trip', shot in Austin and directed by University of Texas film school grads John Handem Piette and Vincent DiDaniele. 

Watch the film now on Amazon!

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