In the Spotlight

My America: Endgame video reached "supernova" viral status during the week of the US election. What started as a fun and cathartic video to share with my friends has now grown into a cultural global artifact, forever linked to this pivotal moment in US politics. I've been interviewed by various publications and media outlets where I delve deeper into the creative process and inspiration behind America: Endgame and I'll be posting them to my Media page as they're released. 


What's New

America Endgame II - Soul of the Nation

Created by:

 John Handem Piette

Synopsis: Trump won't leave office and control of

the Senate hangs in the balance as Americans

assemble once more to vanquish Trump and his

MAGA minions in an epic battle for the

Soul of the Nation.

Released 01/07/21:

Released the day after the Capitol riot, the sequel to the original viral meme has amassed over 40 thousand views so far across my social media platforms. It's a different animal altogether, clocking in at almost 10 minutes buckle up and get the popcorn ready. Disney recently lifted the YouTube copyright block after I sent them an impassioned plea, and it's been picking up steam there ever since. Make sure to subscribe to my YT channel for more AE content, including a "Making of" and the "Ultimate Edition" which will combine the two CineMemes into one with a few new scenes for  more America Endgame than anyone is ready for. 

Latest Project

Lightning In A Bottle - post-production

"LIB" is a documentary feature, currently in post production, following the 2016 California festival through the eyes of a beautiful, insightful, hilarious and very diverse group of millennials. It's an in-the-moment festival experience, juxtaposed with interviews done amid the 2020 pandemic quarantines, where we revisit a euphoric and life- changing experience, how important it was in our growth as human beings, and how critical we feel festivals are for humanity, society and the world at large.